Laser Therapy

It works well on the affected area by sending billions of light photons directly. The affected area will automatically absorb the light through the cellular level. It will be transformed into chemical energy for repairing the damaged tissue. Once it has been repaired, you will gradually notice a decline in pain and inflammation. This method helps your injury to heal without the need for high cost and unnecessary surgery.


What is the usage of Laser Therapy?

Doctors and certified medical professionals use Laser Therapy mainly for repairing damaged tissue as well as alternative for quick relief from physical pain and inflammation.


Types of condition that can benefit from the usage of Laser Therapy:

  • Minor Injuries, Sprains, Aches, and Pains

This includes the treatment of:

  • ligament sprains 
  • muscle strains 
  • tendonitis 
  • bursitis 
  • tennis elbow 
  • neck sprain/strain 
  • lower back sprain/strain 
  • knee pain 
  • pain associated with muscle spasms 

Laser Therapy also helps to reduce swelling and healing of the joints and soft tissue as well as treating rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and other chronic autoimmune diseases.


Pulsed Laser or Cold Laser is helpful for patients with chronic pain resulting from physical conditions such as fibromyalgia, epicondylitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome, etc.


Acupuncturists alternatively use cold laser therapy for a patient who feels discomfort with needles usage. This low-level laser beams from the device help to stimulate acupoints exactly the way needles can do without piercing your skin.


Is Cold Laser Therapy for You?

As an alternative treatment, Cold Laser therapy is considered safe when performed by a professional practitioner. It is also a non-invasive and painless treatment that does not require the consumption of medication or other preparation either.


However, Cold Laser therapy should not be used in several sensitive cases such as on carcinomas, cancerous lesions, thyroid, or eyes. Pregnant lady should not use Laser Therapy due to unwanted side effects that will affect their pregnancy.


Treatment Duration:

On normal basis condition, each Cold Laser Therapy which will last for few minutes in each session will only be needed for few visits and while for more critical condition, it might take more visits with a maximum of four treatments in a week and could take as long as a one-month duration for its full effectiveness to be felt by the patient.


Please note that some insurance plans may not cover this type of treatment.


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